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Join us at the Web3 Summit in Berlin, Germany- October, 2018 to hear from several different speakers, including technical project demonstrations and panel discussions about using decentralized ledger technology build platforms for charity, governance, and other social impact. This one is for the developers in the audience. New episodes on Mondays.

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“Web3 Decentralize NOW!” is graciously sponsored by Giveth, a blockchain-powered, automated charity platform. Check them out at

The Host


The Decentralize NOW! events were organized by Griff Green and the team at

Griff is a digital currency expert, evangelist, and public speaker, holding a masters degree on the topic. He founded Giveth to build software to support decentralized communities’ growth and development- especially centered around non-profit causes. His goal is to decentralize... EVERYTHING, empowering the individual whenever possible and to spread the good news of Digital Currencies around the world!