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We live in tumultuous times and life is a weird ride. Follow along as your host Damo explores the ins & outs of this upside down world with a Gonzo lens on technology, society, liberty, cooperation, and humanity- like an optimistic Hunter S Thompson. Damo has plain-English conversations with leading-edge innovators and thinkers who are building technologies and communities to effect dramatic and positive change.

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Acutely aware of the need for monumental global change, Damo has spent most of his adult life as an activist and movement builder. When the original bitcoin whitepaper dropped in late-2008 he was working with colleagues in Baltimore, MD to launch a local paper currency called The BNote. He knew right away Bitcoin and blockchain has the potential to change everything.He’s been advocating for decentralization ever since.

Damo is the Strategic Philosopher for The Decentralized Dance Party, and provides consulting services through his company, TheBlockParty.